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Squid Jigs Red Head Prawn Jig Lures Australian Tested 3.0 redhead-3.0

$11.00 each

Inka Cloth and Nude Squid jigs Red Head Prawn3.0

Inka Squid jigs premium squid jig range is now available.

The Inka Squid jigs models are truly unique and feature many design innovations that make it the most effective jig available on the market today.

The Inka Squid jigs is a visual and action jig, its unique lifelike pattern design and smooth body is designed to attract a squid by sight and action. Its smooth body design allows the lure to dart and slide effortlessly through the water, more realistic than any other jig.


  • Ultra realistic 3D eyes
  • Ultra sharp bump hook
  • Nude & Cloth body designs


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